Poem- ‘doll’

Her mother was a free spirit

The child couldn’t understand

Didn’t realize there were problems

Thought her folks were a perfect match.

She picked the hints her mother dropped

Dressed up pretty, gone every night?

Pieces of a puzzle, the girl had to sort.

She slid the curtain one night

Saw her parents jump in yet another fight

This time, he drank himself close to death

Later he came to the room and tucked his little girl in bed,

His last words were – ‘goodnight doll’,

Right after he picked up the gun and that was all.

She longed for redemption.

Her longing, it was infinite.

In time she reached her limit,

Broke free and became a free spirit,

Her child could never understand.


( written by Karishma Vachani- lawyer/ poet)


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