Mirrors- A way to communicate with the dead.

Mirrors- A way to communicate with the dead.


Is it possible to connect with loved ones after they’ve moved on from this lifetime? Can such an experience really offer any knowledge or truth? It is said that mirrors act as a gateway to the spirit world and can be used by supernatural entities to enter our world.

Mirror gazing, also called scrying, is a form of communicating with spirits. Simply put, it is the practice of gazing into a mirror in a completely relaxed state. It turns out that many people have reported successful contact with the dead through the use of a simplified psychomanteum. It was a method used by the great foreseer Nostradamus himself. Nosterdamus saw the reflection and reported that some man came in the reflection who told him the future.

Below is a simple technique to contact the dead through mirror gazing. This is what you’ll require.

  • Location – Go to the quietest part of the house, where you can truly relax. Unplug all clocks and phones in that room. ( Tip- using fan or air-conditioner to create white noise is also helpful to keep the focus levels and concentration consistent.)
  • Mirror – Place a large mirror in front of a comfy chair, and place it so you can gaze at it comfortably. It’s best if you cannot see your own reflection. ( Tip- Although plain mirrors work fine when tilted, some people find purchasing a black scrying mirror to be more effective.)

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  • Chair – Sit in your chair with your head supported. Ease into your transition to an altered state of awareness.
  • Memories – Gather photographs and personal items of the loved one you wish to contact. Touch them and remember your loved one.
  • Light – Light a candle and place it behind you. A dim light in the background is ideal. Twilight is best because it typically stimulates altered states, especially for first-timers..

After carrying out these steps, you should start to feel your arms getting heavy and possibly your fingers tingling. You will start to go into a trance-like, meditative state and the mirror might start to appear cloudy, as if it were a cloudy sky. The clouding effect is important.  Stay passive at this point, as any attempt to guide the experience will remove you from your hypnagogic state and create interference.  Have a question in your mind before going into your mirror-gazing session.

It is reported that experiences typically last for only about a minute. With luck, you could begin to see silhouettes, hear voices or otherwise experience the paranormal. Experiences from mirror-gazing sessions can range from seeing the spirits of loved ones, to entering the mirror, or even seeing future events. Some might also see or experience contact with the deceased later in their day or week after attempting contact through mirror gazing. A log of visions can come in handy to enhance your interpretation skills.

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