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A Winnebago crashes in a desolate highway of a New Mexico desert. A man (Walter White) gets out in nothing but his underwear.

It is revealed that inside the Winnebago there are three lifeless bodies. Hyperventilating, Walter quickly goes inside and picks up a gun lying on the floor and a video camera.

He records a personal confession message for his family as the sirens take over in the background.

Walter then awaits his fate with a gun in his hand as the sirens close in.



ACT 1-

(Ordinary/ Normal life) Walter white wakes up to his quiet home, his certificates and achievements dawn the wall. He drags himself to his mini-Stairmaster for a half-hearted mundane workout.

At breakfast Walters wife (Skyler) wishes him a happy birthday and hands him a plate of eggs and veggie bacon spelling out “50”. She requests him to not work to late and be home early.

Walters handicap son (Walt junior) comes in and complains about the food. After a fun banter, Walter drops junior to his school (J.P. Wynne high school) where Walter works as a chemistry teacher.


During a lecture, one of Walters student (Chad) disrupts his class. Walter tries to discipline him but Chad acts even more disrespectful when singled out.

Later that day, Walter white is shown working a second job, as a cashier at a car wash. His owner, (a rude Persian guy) tells him to take-over the shift of an absent worker and orders him to clean one of the cars.

The car turns out to be Chad’s car. Walter is embarrassed as Chad clicks a picture of him on his phone.

Humiliated, Walter returns home where Skylar has organised a surprise party.

At the party Walt’s sociable, outgoing brother in-law (Hank- a DEA agent) is showing off his gun.


It’s clear that Walt junior looks up to him as a father figure more than his own father. Hank makes fun of Walter on how he holds a gun. Moments later he turns the news on. Hank is on the TV news for busting a meth lab.

Walt, curious, asks Hank how much money was recovered at the crime scene to which Hank replies 700,000 dollars.


Hank offers to take Walt on a ride to bust a meth lab sometime. Walt doesn’t take him seriously.

Same night before retiring to bed, Skylar gives Walt a pity hand job while multitasking on her laptop.

Next day, an overworked Walter faints while working at the garage. He is taken away by an ambulance.

At the hospital the doctor breaks the bad news to him. Walter has inoperable LUNG cancer. Best case scenario with chemo, he’ll have a couple of years.

ACT 2- (break into act 2/ crossing the threshold)

Back home Walter keeps the news from his wife.

Next time at car wash Walter explodes at his boss when he is asked to wash cars again. Walter storms out while screaming obscenities, and trashing the place.

Walter sits alone by his dried-up pool, pondering over life. Wondering, how did he reach here? He takes up Hanks offer to join him in the drug bust.


Test enemies and allies- (Fun and games)

As Walt, Hank and his associate wait in the car they discuss the alias name CAP N COOK and how he adds chilli powder as a special ingredient to his product. Hank and his associate bet if the person they bust would be a Latino or a white boy.


Hank’s team storm inside a house. They arrest a guy.  His ID says Emilio koyama.

Walter requests if he can go inside and see the actual lab. Hank is unsure but later agrees on the condition that they go in and check it out first. Hank tells Walt to wait in the car.

As he waits, Walt unexpectedly spots JESSE PINKMAN, one his X-students. Jesse escapes out of a neighbouring house. A naked lady throws his clothes out. He wears them quickly get in car and leaves. The license plate reads THE CAP N.


Later that night Walter visits him. JESSE tries to deny that he is involved in any illegal activities. But To his surprise, Walter says he wants to partner up. Either that or he turns him in.

The scene cuts to Walter stealing chemistry equipment from the school lab. Walt shows off the apparatus to Jesse who dislikes his superior knowledge on flasks. Jesse refuses to cook at his place. He suggests an RV so they can be mobile and evasive.

Walter removes some money from bank and hands it to Jesse to arrange for an RV. A little worried by Walt’s behaviour, Jesse asks him if he has gone crazy or depressed. To which Walter replies “I am awake.”

In another subplot, Walter and his family are shopping in a mall. Walter’s disabled son is having a tough time trying on his jeans. Some college jocks standing by make fun of him. Skylar takes a step forward to confront them but Walt stops her and holds her back. Walt ignores them and goes the other way. We almost think that a submissive Walt has, sort of, abandoned his family in need but moment later Walt walks in and assaults the jock. Walt kicks him in the legs, stomps on it, and orders them to back off. This is the first time we see a shift in his character arc.


ACT 3 (Approach to the inmost cave, Ordeal, all is lost)

Jesse Pinkman and Walt drive out to the desert. After finding a spot, Walter strips down to his underwear, hangs his clothes on a side view mirror so that is does not contaminate them with the chemical odors, and gets to cooking. Jesse starts recording all of this on his video camera. Walt stops him. Walt proceeds to cook purest class grade meth. Jesse, surprised, wants to try some but Walter doesn’t allow. Walter questions Jesse as to how he is going to go about selling the drug.

Jesse Takes a sample to his partner Emilio’s cousin- KRAZY-8, a drug dealer. Jesse informs him that he is not here to buy meth but to sell meth. KRAZY is impressed with the sample but finds his whole act suspicious. He accuses Jesse of setting Emilio up. Emilio who is out on bail comes from behind and confronts him. They ask him where he got the drug from.

The three of them drive out to the desert where Walt is cooking. KRAZY-8 offers Walter money and persuades him to switch allegiance. But before Walt can say something, Emilio recognizes Walt from the bust. He had seen Walt with the DEA. The brothers accuse Jesse of being a snitch. The cousins quickly draw their weapons. (ORDEAL)

Jesse tries to escape but trips and knocks himself out on a rock. Walter, scared, surrenders.

Krazy-8 is about to shoot Walter but stops when Walter negotiates and offers to teach them the recipe in return for his life.

Krazy 8 walt negotiate.jpg

Inside the Winnebago while Walt guides them through the recipe Emilio lights up a cigarette. Walter tells him to put it out. Emilio chucks the Cigarette out of the Winnebago, on to dry grass, thereby starting a fire. Walter cunningly mixes phospine to create a poisonous gas. He dashes out and locks them in where they inhale the smoke and pass out. (REWARD)


Walter unties Jesse. He notices the fire spreading quickly. Walt puts a gas mask on himself and on Jesse and gets inside the Winnebago. He takes off from there but crashes the Winnebago.  (ROAD BACK)


Opening scene- Walter stands in middle of the road, pointing the gun in the direction of the sirens approaching. He points the gun under his chin and tries to shoot himself. To his dismay the safety is on. He switches off the safety but ends up misfiring on the ground. Frustrated, he gives up on his pointless efforts and raises his hands to surrender.

To his surprise. He notices fire department vehicles approaching him instead of police cars.

Jesse comes to consciousness, he comes out of the van and joins him. Walt tells Jesse that they have to clean this up.


Walter at home is shown drying his money in a laundry dryer. He has returned back home to his ordinary world with a deeper understanding of who he is, after living the life of a meth cook.

money money.jpg

Walter gets in bed with Skylar. Upset with his recent behavior she confronts him about her feeling left out from his life. Walter looks at her then passionately kisses her and has sex with her. But something is different. Skylar had not seen this type of sexual aggression in him before. It leaves her asking- “Woah Walt is that you?”.

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