Million dollar app idea? Look at these crap apps to keep yourself grounded

Million dollar app idea? Look at these crap apps to keep yourself grounded

“We need an app.”

“No, you need a punch in the face…”

Before you go on working on your million dollar app idea in dreams to jump in the fast lane, here are some apps which failed miserably. It’s better to look at the skeletons at the bottom before making the journey to the top, for your bright idea may not be so bright.

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1. My team- Buddy check

Crap apps
Buddy check

Buddy Check is an app that helps you and your friends to keep track of each other when going out. GPS functionality combined with timed buddy checks makes it more fun and safe to stick together throughout the night.

OR, I’ve got a better idea. Stop being such a prick and let your friends enjoy them-fucking-selves. If they wanna go shag anything that breathes, or pass out and get hypothermia in a ditch, let them! If you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to look after your drunk ass.

I swear to god, if I ever meet the person who conceived this, or see anyone using this piece of crap app, I’ll smash a kettle bell onto their toes.

2. Perfect pop

Perfect pop

Introducing Perfect Pop, from the makers of Pop Secret. Perfect Pop listens to the ‘pops’ coming from your microwave to find the precise moment when your Pop Secret popcorn is perfectly done.

“F*ck me, before I had this app I had to use the long complicated instructions to cook my popcorn. Thank F*CK for Perfect Pop making it so simple to make popcorn, and to hate every bone in the body of the people who made this spunk dumpster of an app a reality.”

3. Happy places by Coca Cola

Happy places by coca cola

Happy Places by Coca-Cola is that place where you can upload photos of your happy moments, share them, and remember them any time you want.

My Happy place would be watching a group of angry carnivorous beavers chewing at the crotch of whoever said this would be a smart idea. 

4. Germ buster app

Welcome to the Domestos Germ buster app. Play the germ buster game to destroy those ‘menacing nasties’ that lurk in your home and learn about the benefits of Domestos over thin bleach.

Play our game and learn about bleach? You are having a f*cking laugh aren’t you?! To whoever approved this, you should seriously consider your place in society.

5. Virtual emails- Hotmail

The new augmented reality gaming experience from Hotmail. Virtual emails are falling from the sky in the physical space all around you. Catch and sort as many emails as you can to play this unique and immersive game.



6. P&G

P&G, Proud Sponsor of Moms, gives you the opportunity to thank your Mom in a big way through the thank You, Mom. Just scan the P&G-IOC worldwide partner logo using the augmented reality application, write a message for your mom and see your message flashed in an electronic billboard along EDSA!

Your mum will thank you more if you just don’t use this waste of f*cking space, unnecessary application of technology, pile of arse.

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