Learn all about stocks under Rs.900 ( less than 14$)

Learn all about stocks under Rs.900 ( less than 14$)

Currently, there are a lot of social media influencers promoting ads on teaching stock trading through their webinars and promising a quick return after completing their expensive course. DO NOT REGISTER FOR THEM! Not just yet!


The problem I found with these classes promising a quick return is – the way of teaching that went too fast for someone to properly register and grasp the concepts of stocks and their functionality.

And because these are webinars- if a point was missed it would have to be asked as a query to the instructor, which at times would not be answered or be explained properly. The point of learning trading is to able to trade on your own.  

I was one of the people to fall into their trap of earning quick money without fully understanding how the stock market works.  Though I learnt a thing or 2 from it but the major learning was done from online courses which were much more elaborate, easier to understand and SUPER CHEAP!

Learning is a slow process. Deeper the grasp on a concept better is the understanding. I found a gap in the teachings of these instructors trying to make a quick buck off students by promoting images of ++profits. That’s the reason I thought it would be helpful to plot down the courses that helped me understand the basics and even the details of the market.

Down below I am attaching 2 udemy courses that should cover everything about stocks and get you started. The courses are under Rs. 900 or $14 (or even less with what discount offer is running). Another great news when it comes to Udemy is that once you buy the course the next comes at a much discounted price. Some even at Rs. 360-470 range.

After you complete these courses it will be easier for you to understand the foundation of stock trading. It’ll clear all your doubts before you move to advance levels and strategies. Remember research is the key and I have done a bit of it for you.


  1. The complete foundation stock trading course-


2. How to day trade stocks for passive income


Other than that there are countless you tube resources at your disposal. I will research into it and start putting a comprehensive course so that much time is saved in learning.

Hope these courses which worked well for me help you in utilizing your money wisely (which can be eventually used as your capital to trade😈). Trade well and trade safe soldiers. As Mr. Warren Buffet once said- Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1

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