Horror stories created by Artificial intelligence.不

Horror stories created by Artificial intelligence.不

Algorithms to predict future, algorithms that tell us how to lead our lives, algorithms to find love- we are leaving no stone unturned. Is this how the future will look like? our lives run by bots , our brains replaced by them. Maybe in the future we will have a ‘papa’ Algo that punishes our wrong decisions in life, or a ‘nanny’ algo which tells us bedtime stories ( if that’s not already been done.) Maybe AI will take over, Maybe not-

No one has the answers to the future. But for those foreseeing the future to be a scary place to live in, here is something to lighten up your mood. Go ahead- laugh at AI trying to scare you ( hope they don’t come hunting for me in the future).

These horror stories created by artificial intelligence are the stuff of nightmares.

These Horror Stories Created By Artificial Intelligence Are The Stuff Of Nightmares – By newsweek

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