A wild glimpse into the future (poem)-

Divinely beautiful, it’ll come at great cost,

Millions will fall, greed winning over

The world -destroyed , nations fighting for leftovers

kneeling at the mercy of poisoned waters and grim skies,

in wars orchestrated by leaders spinning their never ending lies

Photo credit- Zen master-

Few will stand, to restart and thrive

A lesson learnt from death & disaster,

To put all the money, this time, in the right canister

Capitalism, yet again, will catapult us into a new age

Survival of the sane will precede over survival of the fittest,

An age free from death,  destruction & hate

Happiness, catered by silver bodies will create a different fate

The time will not be forgotten, when we almost destroyed it all

Ready we shall be,

Strong !



To survive any other dark age!

We’ll speak to fire, water, earth and air with great ease.

The cities, populated with green, living as one, will never be abandoned again.

Our children, united without a religion, living a vision, a version-

Far away from history, eradicated with other remnants of hate.

The planet will heal, a cycle will start,

Dance, we will, in Starry skies, green lands, fresh scented air, amongst fuller hearts,

Defining a new happily ever after, as the sun, moon and planets do their parts

A thought will dawn over, it’ll be small…

Though weighted- when we think, why we never did this before the fall.


Note- Extremely sorry about the picture credits – wrote this long ago (still writing) and lost all the credit names. If you see your picture here. please lemme know ill add the credit.

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