A wild glimpse into the future (poem)-

A wild glimpse into the future (poem)-

Divinely beautiful, it’ll come at great cost,

Millions will fall as greed wins over,

The world -destroyed , nations left back fight for leftovers,

kneeling at the mercy of poisoned waters and grim skies,

In wars orchestrated by leaders spinning their never ending lies

Photo credit- Zen master-

Few will stand, to restart and thrive

A lesson learnt from death & disaster,

To put all the money, this time, in the right canister

Capitalism, yet again, will catapult us into a new age

Survival of the sane will precede over survival of the fittest,

An age free from death,  destruction & hate

Happiness, catered by silver bodies will create a different kind of fate,

Time will not be forgotten, when we almost destroyed it all

Ready we shall be,

Strong !



To survive dark ages and all odds!

We’ll speak to fire, water, earth and air with great ease.

The cities, populated with green, never abandoned , living as one, yes it’ll be seen-

Our children, united without a religion, living a vision, a version-

Far away from history, eradicated with other remnants of hate.

The planet will heal, a cycle will start,

Dance, we will, in Starry skies, green lands, fresh scented air, amidst fuller hearts,

Defining a new happily ever after, as the sun, moon and planets do their parts

A thought will dawn over, it’ll be small…

Weighted- as we think, why we never did this before the fall.


Note- Extremely sorry about the picture credits – wrote this long ago (still writing) and lost all the credit names. If you see your picture here. please lemme know ill add the credit.

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