Andhadhun screenplay PDF ( Early draft)

Andhadhun screenplay PDF ( Early draft)

You must have heard the concept of K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple, stupid.

Recently I hit a creative block in my writing, Something felt terribly off. Didn’t know whether it was the motivation of characters falling apart, the premise going haywire, or was it simply the flow of the story. So I decided to get some inspiration by reading other screenplays and came across this uncut gem.

Most of the times we are focused, almost obsessed with creating a finished product, the perfect ready to go Final draft on its way to glory (More like the producers office). Often in that pursuit we forget about the main part- The STORYTELLING!!

From time to time we just gotta learn to get out of our heads and play, have fun with the writing. This early draft of Andhadhun serves as a perfect example. It doesn’t have a perfect format, is written literally in a word document with dialogues springing up in the midst. But what it does have is clarity and a smooth flow- A FLOW WHICH FLOWS!

Speaking of flow- It was inspired from the french short film- The Piano Tuner. Check the link below. You’ll get the reason why I have been singling out the topic of story flow.

If you felt that your 12 minutes just disappeared, vanished into thin air, then go ahead and applaud the director for doing such a wonderful job.

Of all my time working in the film industry, the best narrations I have come across were written in a simple word document. Just a simple, clear, raw story with maybe a thousand spelling mistakes­čśé . I am actually starting to believe that it might be the trick to crack the studio pitch.

Guess it’s important to simplify the process, simplify the story telling. Maybe go back in time to when our grandma told us engaging bedtime stories, without the CUT TO’s and FADE out’s. Fun, Simple, clear stories followed by a goodnight kiss. Maybe that’s where the concept of KISS comes from. An important concept which all grandmothers were trying to explain­čśů – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

Apologizes for going on a tangent. Click the link below to access the screenplay of Andhadhun.


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