Download 100 film screenplays

Download 100 film screenplays

Download 100 film screenplays

Yep 100 😎. I had been wanting to do this for the longest time and along with a friend managed to scrape off 100 screenplays for you to download.

Initially I had put all of them into a zip file for visitors to just click and download 100 film screenplays.

Unfortunately there was an error with the uploading. Therefore, I had to link every file manually. I deserve a star, for that effort (well even a tiny shout out would do ;)).

Go ahead guys download 100 film screenplays. Happy reading 😉

List of movies

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For TV series Bibles-

Lately I have been researching a lot on writing Micro-budget screenplays. And the thing is, I am rarely able to find any of them online.

Suggestions to add any of the micro budget films would be greatly appreciated. For now I am adding this link of my favorite micro-budget movies which this blogger got it spot on.

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