The Ring screenplay

The Ring screenplay

There is no hurry to scare yourself. Before we jump in to the read the ring screenplay here’s some cool trivia about the movie.

Did you know that in the ring screenplay Samara’s psychic abilities are known as ‘Nensha’. Nensha is a form of spirit photography that enables someone to burn images from their mind onto any solid surface just by thinking about them. This explains why her adopted parents suffered nightmares and bad visions. This is also how she burned her images onto the videotape that Katie and her friends used to copy to watch a sports game on TV.

A theory about how Samara kills her victims is that she mentally projects all of the images from the cursed videotape into the victims mind all at once carrying an intense mental overload which literally causes them to internally explode, leaving their external body seemingly rotten and ‘dried’ out as a result of the overload.

LOGLINE of the ring

LOGLINE- After her niece, Katie’s horrifying death, Rachel, a young journalist, investigates a mysterious videotape that kills it’s viewers within a week’s time.

(P.s. the featured image is designed by me. Samara looks like an angel, doesn’t she?)

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